Arc(ane)! - Drums

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Arcane is your quintessential rebel demi-god anarchist!
After being kidnapped from his home planet Neo-Sparo (a planet created by a genetically superior "purist" human race following the purging of earth 2291) by the notorious and sinister Dr. Void. He was experimented on for many years and in the process lost the majority of his superhuman genes.

He escaped to find himself on earth year 1973 and indulged in all the spoils of that era; drink, drugs, earthly damsels and above all else, rock n roll! Looking to the likes of that glittering spaceman himself David Bowie for understanding as his very soul was tainted by his lifestyle. Arcane under the alias "Arc Thomson" was destined to linger as an immortal becoming bitter and lost in this new earth spending most of his days playing in a gram-rock outfit known as the "Pixel Screams" until he was brought in to the elite warrior unit, The Heralds! In exchange for his services, Arcane was granted the power to bend time to his own will, in order to allow him to inflict sweet vengeance on the good doctor and return to his home planet.

Thus he joined a team, a team set out with the most explosive display of interdimensional synth rock this world has ever witnessed! However, with the destruction of the Heralds, the space between dimensions began to crumble. He knew he needed a new purpose. To save the universe. To save reality. He became a Runner.