Dr. Void - Synths


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A being of solitude and routine. A perfectionist. Known as a genius in some quadrants of the universe or complete madman in others.

Any kind of result during an experiment is seen as a success and celebrated regularly with the sweet melodic vibrations that only a band like Roxy Music can make and a fine glass of sherry.

One day Void discovered an instrument that could replicate a noise from an old Atari console and ever since then he has made a point of surrounding himself with various synthesizers and odd electronic things that go “BLZLLZZP” mainly to keep him company in his labs.

Only in the company of his fellow Runners will Dr Void will socialise with the rest of the Universe and has been known to crack a joke or two, to his own amusement.

Seen as the “outsider” of the unit (by his own doing of course) Void still relies on his fellow Runners. One Runner -Quantum- brings a sense of foreboding to Dr Void's mind and instead of turning his back and carrying on with his own selfish desires, he keeps a close eye on Quantum. For some sometimes his intuition can give him answers to questions he has yet to ask…